Why should I move from the USA to Cambodia?

Moving from the US to Cambodia?

What is it like moving from the US to Cambodia? Many ask this exact same question and that’s the reason that we founded Next Step International. If you want to live and work in Cambodia as a US national, we have provided a service that you can’t go wrong with. Not only do we find US nationals jobs in Cambodia, but we also provide relocation services for US internationals lookng for work abroad.

United State’s tourists flok to see Siem Reap’s hidden beauty

Read this blog to find out more about living in Cambodia as a US national, or contact one of our international team, who is waiting to help you with all the questions it takes to make the move to Cambodia.

Why are US citizens moving to Cambodia?

It is a fact that during the past 10 years that a lot of American ex-pats of all ages are moving from the United States of America to Cambodia, also known as the Kingdom of Wonder.

Hey, we will not say that the biggest attraction is the world-famous temples of Angkor Wat, but there is much more to Cambodia than meets the average traveller’s eye. In fact, while Angkor Wat has made Cambodia a must-see destination in South East Asia. This article will reveal the reasons why there is much more to travelling, living and working in Cambodia than just visiting its ancient temples.

Why would an American go to Cambodia?

Many of the people and tourists who come here want to see and experience the nation’s rich history, traditions and culture while others have found an opportunity within the Kingdom because of the economic benefits to Cambodia, as well as those offered to individuals here. Whether relocating to one of the most open economies in the region for foreign investors and professionals, or just visiting, you can be sure that Cambodia not only offers itself as the Kingdom of Wonder but the Kingdom of Opportunity.

Why should US citizens live and work in Cambodia?

Good question! One of the main reasons that ex-pats – and even tourists after they stay here enough – live and work in Cambodia is because of the amazing reception they receive when they come to find a home in Cambodia. Ok, let’s break this down. The top reasons for living in Cambodia are:

  • Lower living costs in comparison to being in the west
  • The positive attitude of the local people in Cambodia
  • Opportunities for high-end jobs within the region
  • Vibrant ex-pat community that co-mingles with local businesses
  • Positive impact on Cambodia’s economic development
  • A chance to share your skills with a developing country

While many say that they love living and working in Cambodia, it is because of a positive working relationship that Khmer and people from outside the country have, which not only helps but keeps delivering development within the country.

Do locals like expats in Cambodia?

Board Member & Chairman of HR Committee at EuroCham Cambodia and Senior Advisor to Mett Yeung Association, Narath Chheav, that the Khmer workforce is relatively young and therefore is eager to learn new knowledge and skills to develop.

“Foreign professionals and foreign investors have been generating significant and positive impacts on the Cambodian workforce and the economy as a whole.”

“Sharing and transfer of knowledge and skills – and the jobs created by foreigners in Cambodia – are just some of the examples of how the presence of professionals from other countries has been able to be beneficial to our country and its economic and social development.
He also said that international talent who come to live and work in Cambodia bring not only technical knowledge but also different management styles which will be beneficial to Cambodia as a whole.”

A multinational team co-ordinate together in one of Cambodia’s rapidly developing centers of commerce

What language do they speak in Cambodia?

Actually, English is the second language for many Khmer, which is spoken in major cities and especially tourist destinations, thanks to the growth of tourism and the number of international companies entering the market.

You can speak English at most major resorts, bars or otherwise. However, it is suggested by us that you learn some of the local languages that of course, we can help you with. Whether you want to just say hello to a local vendor, or order a portion of food and a beer, we are on hand to help you orientate to your new surroundings if you have just arrived in Cambodia. Not only that, we help new arrivals, find jobs, depart with the right information, settle in, and become part of the Cambodian experience and culture through our relocation services.

If you are considering living and working in Cambodia, move with the experts and relieve the stress-and-guess. Or even better, find a job that suits you and maybe the job will pay for you to move over (of course, depending on your skills and experience). Either way, we are always ready to chat.

Tourist visit Cambodia’s wonder of the world

Do they use US dollars in Cambodia?

Cambodia has a dual currency, meaning that while it uses US dollars, it also has its own currency which it is trying to promote as its national currency.

What does Cambodia use as its main currency I hear you ask. Well, it uses both USD and Riel. However, the country is trying to phase out the use of lower note US dollars but they are still widely accepted by local shops and markets, which you will probably frequent if you live and work in Cambodia.

Don’t get me wrong, Cambodia is unique in the sense that it is one of the worldwide economies that still uses the US dollar as a defacto currency, but many would actually argue that this is the case. While Cambodia would like the economic stability that came with the dollar in previous times, it can now not rely on it as it used to. However, this – without getting into the political territory – is not something this blog is about, so let us move on swiftly!

What is the best places to visit in Cambodia for Americans?

The choice is simple, what do you what to see in Cambodia:

  • Do You Want To See Colonial Cities in Cambodia?
  • Do You Want To See Beautiful Beaches in Cambodia?
  • Do You Want To See Pristine Islands in Cambodia?
  • Do You Want To See Ancient Temples in Cambodia?

Ok, I know your answer, all 4 and, more right? Yes, the trodden path for visitors has been to see where the “Pearl of Southeast Asia” begins, which is in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

Why should I visit Phnom Penh?

That wasn’t on your list yet, was it? We tricked you. But please know that the capital of Cambodia offers an amazing mixture of colonial-era buildings, Royal palaces, Buddhist pagodas, and local markets which are complemented by the city’s expanding skyline of skyscrapers and condominiums.

Where can I visit outside of Phnom Penh in Cambodia?

Phnom Penh is very popular with visitors to the Kingdom. In fact, its where most people who move to Cambodia start in their journey. We are not saying this is a bad place to start, but you should at least know the best places to visit before you come to the capital of Cambodia before you embark on your journey.

Where should I visit in Phnom Penh?

We want to tell you about the beautiful beaches, and amazing untouched forests that still hold wild elephants. We also want to tell you about the world-class cities – namely Phnom Penh – that are equally worth your time.

The bottom line is, its up to you! Whether you want to come and visit the terrible atrocities than haunted its people for decades by visiting the places that Cambodia has moved on from (by visiting the killing fields and so on) or you want to find out about one of the most rapidly developing economies of South East Asia, it’s down to you.

To find out more about living and working in Cambodia get in touch with us – the experts in living in the Kingdom – to find out more about recruitment and relocation opportunities in Cambodia,

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