What visa do I need to live and work in Cambodia?

Applying for the right visa is important if you want to travel, live and work in Cambodia. Here’s our ultimate guide on everything you need to know about a Cambodian visa, and what the right Cambodian visa is for you, including Cambodia visa extension information.

What are the different types of Cambodian visas and extensions? 

The good news is that in the post-covid era, Cambodia has opened back up to travellers who want to visit and/or work in Cambodia. This means no testing or quarantine on arrival for fully vaccinated travellers and shortened quarantine for those unvaccinated. If you want to know more about applying and obtaining a Cambodian visa under Covid restrictions then check out our dedicated FAQ to learn more.

How do I get a Cambodian Visa?

A Cambodian visa can be applied for and/or obtained at the embassy, on the internet, or now during post-covid, at the airport.

Which airports in Cambodia can I get a Cambodian visa on arrival?

You will be able to get a visa on arrival at the Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap airports. However, you will need to check your eligibility depending on the country you are from. The list of countries not able can be found in this FAQ. 

When you arrive in Cambodia, you’ll be given an immigration card to fill out on the plane so do not need to apply for anything in advance. Once you arrive just make sure you have you immigration card (provided on the plane), cash (in US dollars), and passport. Please note: There is an ATM in most airports, but we recommend bringing a a small surplus in US currency just in case.

What are the different types of E visa in Cambodia? 

Ok, just to differentiate between the visas at this point, heres the main ones:

• T-visas (this is the tourist visa), 
• E-class visa, and EB, ES, EG, ER extensions of stay (EOS), 
• A-class diplomatic visas, 
• B-class, 
• C-class visas
• K-class visas.

Which Cambodian visa is the best one?

The best Cambodian visa for you depends on what you want to visit Cambodia for. Below we break down each individual Cambodian visa so you can make sure you get the right one for you.

What is an EB visa? 

The EB business EOS will cover most expats travelling to the Kingdom, and is designed for those working. It also covers partners and children, freelancers, and even volunteers. 

The extension can last for multiple different periods of time, namely one, three, six, or even twelve months, although only the six  or twelve month extension will allow the person granted it multiple entry into Cambodia. Please note: This visa will need any application to provide a stamped letter verifying employment with a company in Cambodia. 

Where can I get an overview on visa requirements in Cambodia?

Overview: This visa will cover the self-employed and/or those with a registered business who can write a business stamped letter confirming their employment with a company.

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Does my family need to get a visa for Cambodia?

EB visa holders can submit the visa-holder’s employment letter to support a visa for their spouse or children. This will need to be stated by any company during the application process, to show they are a non-working dependent.

You should include in the application:

• The dependents’ passport information. 
• Proof of their relationship to the visa holder to renew their own visa extensions.

Because the visa does not specify that you are allowed to be legally employed, any person on this visa wanting to start work will require a Cambodian work permit. The immigration police may ask to see your business licence, work contract, and work permit, or a letter confirming the purpose of your stay at any point. 

What is an EG visa extension in Cambodia?

An EG visa extension means if the person holding this visa is searching for employment, they are allowed to do so for the allotted extension time (1, 3, or 6 months). 

You could be affected if you have had previous EB extensions, because these are not designed for people who have been in the country long term on the former visa. 

What is an ER visa extension in Cambodia?

ER visa extensions are a retirement visa extension meant for people looking to retire. Retirement age will need to be evidenced by documentation which shows eligibility to retire within a home country – namely by social security or pension – along with proof they can support themselves through savings.

These types of extensions are granted to those aged 55 and upwards, given the required documentation.

What is an ES visa extension in Cambodia?

A ES visa extension is a student visa. The people eligible for a ES visa extension must provide a stamped and official letter from a Cambodian school which is registered. An ES visa can be extended for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. You may also be asked to provide:

• Enough capital to support yourself during your study. (varying & dependent)

What are the less known types of Cambodian visa?

While the above visa are the best for entry into Cambodia, there are also multiple other types of visa available in Cambodia. These are listed below:
A K-class visa is for Cambodian descendants who now have a foreign passport for whatever reason. It’s a lifetime visa which is free, as long as you can evidence that you have at least one Cambodian as a direct parent via a marriage cert, a birth cert, official family book or a Cambodian ID card.

What is a B-class visa?

A B-class visa is a special visa, designed for people who are employed by organisations which the royal government of Cambodia has invited. This list includes those such as:

• United Nations
• World Health Organisation
• And so on

What is the C-class visa?

A C-class visa is another special visa which allows employees of Non Government Organisations (NGOs) which have a (MoU) memorandum of understanding with the government, which is most likely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

This will be organised by the NGO (often referred to as International NGOS – INGOs) who will apply in advance for the visa for the employee or volunteer. 

If you do not know whether this is the right visa for you, or you are on this visa but don’t understand it, you should follow it up to find out whether your family is eligible to travel with you, as this can vary.

What do I need to apply for a Cambodian visa?

• Valid for at least 6 months before departure (we recommend 1 year) Passport
• A blank page within said passport 
• Cash in US dollars (While there are ATMs at the airport, we recommend bringing an amount of US dollars in cash which would exceed the amount for your visa).
• 2×2 passport photograph

Who is not eligible for a visa to Cambodia?

Currently, Cambodia has some restrictions in place if you are from the following countries (please note these can change at any time and are only written for the purpose of information at the time of writing):

• Algeria
• Saudi Arabia
• Iran 
• Iraq 
• Afghanistan
• Bangladesh
• Nigeria
• Sri Lanka
• Pakistan
• Sudan

Nationals from the above countries may still be allowed into Cambodia, however, they will not be eligible for a visa on arrival currently. Nationals of these countries must apply in advance at a Cambodian embassy.

What is the most common visa for those traveling to Cambodia? 

A T-visa, or tourist visa.This is designed for people who plan to spend 30 days or less in Cambodia, as this is the maximum time the initial T-visa is valid for. You can choose to apply for this visa prior to your arrival in the country via the online platform, or when you arrive in-country at the airport.

What is the cost of the tourist visa in Cambodia?

The tourist visa costs $30 if you purchase it upon arrival at the airport. However, this visa is what is known as ‘single entry only’, which means it can only be extended for an additional 30 days once before you will need to leave the country. This costs around $30 and $50. You can leave the country and return to get another visa on this list, but you will need to check your eligibility to enter other countries and Covid restrictions if you want to do this. You will also need to stay within another country for over 24, or 48 hours in some instances, before being allowed to apply for a visa upon entry in Cambodia. For this reason, we recommend getting what is called an ordinary visa, or E class visa, which is explained below.

What is an ordinary Cambodian visa?

A Cambodian “ordinary” visas, which is also known as an E class visa, is appropriate If you plan on being in Cambodia for a long period, 

Upon arrival, you will need to get a 30-day E-class visa whic will be valid for 30 days and costs around $35. The bonus with this kind of visa is that it can be extended indefinitely. After 30 days, when you go to extend your visa, you can choose any of the visa types which will follow this, namely the ES, ER, EG or EB visa, which are all valid extensions from the E-class.

Please note, do not confuse an E-class visa with the online e-visa, these are different.

Who needs a visa for Cambodia?

You will most probably be able to get a visa for Cambodia, as they are welcoming to foreigners, tourists, expats and people who want to live and work in Cambodia alike. However, it is important to follow the guidelines set by the government to make sure you adhere to the requirements.

If you are from a South East Asian country and/or are within the ASEAN the please take note:

Thai, Philippino, Indonesian, Laos, Malaysian, Brunei, Singapore and Vietnamese will not currently need a visa to enter Cambodia (covid depending) if they plan to stay for only 14 or 30 days (this depends on the country, check with your local country guidelines to be sure).

Can I cross the border into Cambodia to get a Cambodian visa?

Due to Covid, land borders between Cambodia and Thailand, Laos and Vietnam have been closed. This has some exceptions and is likely to change so those wanting to cross the border and obtain a Cambodian visa should look at the latest information from both the country they are traveling from and the official royal government of Cambodia’s online channels. 

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