How do I find a job in Cambodia?

The question on many internationals’ lips outside of the Kingdom is how can I get a job in Cambodia? The good news is, that Nextstep was set up with the aim of providing a solution for anyone who wants to get a job in Cambodia! If you want to start looking, check out the latest opportunities on our job board and also make sure you remove the stress and guesswork from moving with our standalone A-Z relocation service. Now, in this short guide, we’ll tell you exactly how you and not only find a job in Cambodia but make moving, living, and working in the Kingdom a reality.

What’s the best way to find a job in Cambodia?

Finding a job in Cambodia is easy with Nextstep! Check out our jobs board in the recruitment section for the latest jobs or if you have something lined up, make sure to check out our complete relocation services. Or if you are an employer, click here to get in touch with our expert team directly and let us find solutions for you. Our website is the first of its kind in Cambodia to combine recruitment and relocation services all in one place; we are the one-stop shop for finding a job and ensuring a smooth move to the Kingdom of Wonder. Whether you want to find a job in Cambodia, are moving to Cambodia and need relocation services, or both! Everything you need is right here on this website.

Do I need a visa before I find a job in Cambodia?

To enter Cambodia, you must have a one-month tourist or business visa. Both can now be obtained on entry (with the latter previously not able to be secured due to COVID-19). They are around $35 each which can be paid in USD at the airport when you arrive. You will need to apply for your tourist visa before you land via the government website, but you can obtain a business visa – which we recommend – on arrival at the airport. If you secure a job beforehand, you will likely be able to get an extended business visa (3, 6, or 12 months on arrival), but we’ll get to that a little later.

Before you begin finding a job in Cambodia, make sure you have the following:

  1. Valid Passport (valid for more than 1 year from the date you intend to fly out to Cambodia)
  2. Standard passport-sized headshot photographs
  3. Visa Application Form

When you have found a job in Cambodia, you will also need to provide the following:

  1. Business Cover Letter
  2. Proof of Travel Arrangements and COVID-19 tests (usually 72 hours before flying*)
  3. Proof of Health Insurance (where necessary)
  4. Additional Documents (find out from your employer if you need additional documents)

It is also best to print copies of all of the above as sometimes they will be kept and stored at the Cambodian airports. Whether you have applied for a tourist or business visa, you will be able to fill out the immigration card at the airport and do not need to prepare it beforehand. For any more information about how to find a job in Cambodia and once you have met any visa requirements, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly, expert team, who will be more than happy to help!

Please note this is subject to change. Always check with your airlines and the latest travel restrictions before flying to Cambodia.

Do I need a work permit before I find a job in Cambodia?

Firstly, work permits and visas are not the same. In theory, although you may have already received a business visa, you will not have the right to work in Cambodia until you have obtained a work permit.

Usually, your employer will apply for a work permit for you with the Ministry of Interior. However, you can obtain one through a private agent, with the necessary documentation. In order to get a work permit, you will need the following documentation. It is better to prepare this before you find a job in Cambodia where possible, although often you will need to have found a job in Cambodia before you have all of the required paperwork.

  1. Passport with a valid visa
  2. Three headshot passport photographs
  3. Written work contract from your employer (this is subject to change if you are technically freelance/self-employed)
  4. Insurance policy issued by an employer or any insurance company
  5. You will also have to pay a fee. Sometimes this is covered by the company, sometimes this must be covered by the individual. There is no strict law regarding the cost of this work permit, however, it is usually around $100.

Please keep this noted and ask any business you are applying to work with when trying to find a job in Cambodia.

What is the average salary for expats in Cambodia?

Pay in Cambodia can range from above-average western wages for specific and highly skilled positions to volunteering jobs where you may only receive only a small stipend and lots in between.

A decade or so ago, there were a lot fewer jobs available for foreigners than there are today. In fact, one of the ideas behind Nextstep is to help fill the current skill gap in talent which has occurred as a result of the rapid development Cambodia is undergoing. There are lots of fantastic opportunities for international talent to not only find a job in Cambodia but find one which is much more rewarding and in a higher position than they would be able to find in their home country. Add in the reduced cost of living, it is no wonder why so many people are searching for a job in Cambodia!

High-salary jobs for specific skills can start at $2,500 US dollars or upwards. These can be in high-level roles in embassies, private firms, banking, and investment sectors, among others.

What is the salary of medium level jobs in Cambodia for expats?

Medium-level jobs are usually between $1200 to $2,000 and are in sectors such as technology, marketing, events management, NGO roles, fundraisers, and so on. There are also opportunities for English speakers to apply for journalist and sub-editor roles within the media. Pay can vary but it is a great way to rapidly learn about the social and business sphere in the Kingdom.

Teaching jobs usually start at around $1,000 for a starting role, however, the more experience you have (degrees are particularly valued in the education sector) the higher wages you can expect. Also, there is a big difference between the private schools here, with the more prestigious schools paying higher salaries for quality degree-educated staff with teaching experience and relevant qualifications. This can bump salaries up by another one or two thousand. There are also principal and management positions that have this kind of pay range.

Is there low paid jobs for expats in Cambodia?

The lowest-paid jobs, which are not usually done by foreigners except at some specific ex-pat bars, would be bartending gigs, where you can expect small pay with perhaps board and a few drinks thrown in. These are largely taken by backpackers.

Whatever jobs you are interested in, if you want to find a job in Cambodia, check out our jobs board for the latest jobs, or just register and send us your CV! We are committed to helping international talent boost Cambodia’s economy and improve the future for everyone. If you want to find a job in Cambodia, Nextstep is the place to do it!

How many holidays do you get when you find a job in Cambodia?

A great thing about living and working in Cambodia is the big number of public holidays you get per year, which can be anywhere between 20 and 30 depending on the days on which they fall. You can also expect to get annual leave and paid sick leave on top the same as you would in other developed countries.

Cambodians also often have long lunch breaks during the day when they go home to eat or even nap. Especially in schools, there can be 2 hour or longer lunch breaks during the middle of the day. However, in other sectors such as banking or tech, these are usually half an hour to one hour.

What are the working hours for expats in Cambodia?

When you find a job in Cambodia, you will need to have a flexible attitude towards both working hours and working days. It is common for Cambodian workers to work 6 days per week. Although this is not expected of internationals in many roles, it may mean that you work over weekends and have days off during the week instead. Hours can also be a little longer than in the west too, with most people starting off the day early (as the sun comes up around 6 am most times of the year!) and finishing late.

Depending on your profession, you will also be expected to attend events and join campaigns in the afternoon or on weekends. However, these can come with lots of perks such as free drinks and the chance to meet lots of new people and make some great connections! If you want to find a job in Cambodia, it is very beneficial to attend these events to get to know more people, practice a little bit of the Khmer language and even sample some local food! Trust us, it’ll be fun!

If you want to know more about how to find a job in Cambodia or our relocation and recruitment services for internationals looking to make the move to the Kingdom of Wonder, check out our blogs, articles, and information pages, or get in touch!

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