Top 12 Reasons To Live And Work In Cambodia (P2)

Part two of why to live & work in Cambodia

So in the previous blog – which you can find here in case you missed it – we discussed the first 6 reasons why people love living and working in Cambodia. Here, we take you from reasons 7 to 12 (but look out for installment number 3, coming soon!)

Rememeber, you can always find the latest opportunities in Cambodia or book a chat with one of our team if you want to know more about any of our services. We’re always excited to discuss why and how Cambodia could be in your future.

Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture are famous worldwide

7) It’s one of the worst-kept secrets in the world!

If you’re thinking of moving to Cambodia and living in Cambodia, you will quickly notice you’re not alone! There is a high number of ex-pats who initially may have planned to only come for a few months but instead extended their stay to several years or more. There is definitely something really special about Cambodia that captures the hearts of its visitors. Which is one of the reasons we have compiled this list!

In fact, because the Kingdom has a rich community of ex-pats from all over the world, it really adds to the experience of living and working in Cambodia. It means you can order many international cuisines, such as Greek, Lebanese, Indian and Mexican, as well as most western foods. It also means there are many different types of activities to do here.

Also, while people living in Cambodia enjoy watching traditional Khmer sports such as Volly Ball or Kun Khmer, there are tennis, badminton, and squash courts, as well as golf courses and more! In the capital Phnom Penh especially, there is a safari zoo, a gun range, boat trips and much much more to fill your weekend doing that is not necessarily Cambodian but that anyone can enjoy!

8) Holidays to beautiful islands and resorts are just a few hours’ drive away major cities

Planning a weekend trip in Cambodia is just so easy. If you are staying in any Cambodian city there are already tonnes to do like we just mentioned in reason number 7. But the beauty of living in Cambodia is that you can hit the beach, camp deep into the jungle, or relax on the river by driving just a few hours from the city. There are regular tour operators who will pick groups up and take them out on one-day up to one-week hikes and camp excursions. But you can also just jump in a rented car or motorbike and explore the region for yourself.

If you fancy exploring a little further, Cambodia is perfectly positioned to explore southeast Asian tourist hotspots by just hopping over its borders to Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. Also, the ever-developing airline capacity in the region means flying just a few hours gives you access to a huge amount of destinations if you should ever want to further explore east Asia. Also, the increasing presence of budget airlines means it doesn’t have to break the bank!

9) No two days are the same.

They don’t call it the Kingdom of Wonder for no reason! People who are living in Cambodia are always sharing pictures on their social media of the sights and sounds of the country’s ultra-diverse day-to-day happenings. Whether it is a motorbike managing to transport 10 chickens two dogs and 4 family members at the same time, a hilarious mistranslated Khmer to English sign, or a huge new development project to rival even the most developed country, there is just so much atmosphere and action happening to be soaked up.

Cambodians know how to push the limits and sometimes health and safety aren’t the first concern. However, there are rules in place on the roads and across many areas of life, but sometimes these are not followed to the exact letter of the law. We recommend traveling with a trusted relocation services provider, like NextStep, so you can be fully informed about how to keep safe when living in Cambodia. Don’t worry, Cambodia is a safe country

10) Gaining international work experience in your career is easy in Cambodia

Working and living in Cambodia are great ways to not only enjoy a great lifestyle but also gain international experience in your field, get a higher position or gain new experience in something new.

Regarding the first point, people working in Cambodia get to experience the different ways in which business works in Asia. For instance, banking and finance are developing rapidly in Cambodia, especially with the launch of the Bakong, a digital currency operated by the Bank of Cambodia. For someone in this sector, they could gain valuable experience on the banking practices here in Cambodia and perhaps take some lessons back with them. At the same time, they could also share their skills and experience with Khmer banks and businesses, in a mutually beneficial relationship! Having certain skills and educational accolades can also mean you get the chance at roles higher than you may be able to get in western countries. This can be a great way to boost your CV. As the world becomes ever more integrated, international experience is highly regarded.

Alternatively, people could also choose to come to Cambodia and try something completely different. There are many jobs available for ex-pats who need a variety of different skills. For instance, you could have been an accountant in England but want to be an NGO project leader in Cambodia. Transferrable skills are welcomed, and you can find many roles here on the NextStep website which may be your perfect job! Browse our jobs section or contact us and let us help you get your dream job living and working in Cambodia!

11) Improving personal development by living in another culture

As well as the perks of improving your professional experience, moving and living in Cambodia will also naturally build your personal experience and enrich your persona. While others travel only to spend a week or two in a sunny resort, living and working in Cambodia is a big change that can be as challenging sometimes as it can be rewarding.

We are big advocates of people who take the plunge and decide to live and work in Cambodia because it says a lot about their personality and drive. For the many movers we at NextStep have dealt with, lots of people have said living and working in Cambodia has been a life-changing experience, filled with tones of unforgettable memories to boot. It’s more than just changing the geographical location of where you work, it’s immersing yourself in another culture, and family, friends, and employers alike have to tip their hat to those who do it.

While in the past making the choice was a lot more arduous, the good news is that NextStep takes the stress and guess out of making the move because of the relocation and recruitment services they offer pre-departure. You can even chat to us about the possibility based on your circumstances before applying for work either via email or by booking a one-to-one consultation. Check out our services and get in touch, make your dream a reality!

12) Tourists and ex-pats are welcomed

The huge number of tourists that visit Cambodia each year brings lots of revenue for local businesses as well as pride, as they get to share their rich culture with the world. Equally, the business and skills brought over by ex-pats from outside the Kingdom continue to benefit the country’s development in many different industry sectors. Whether tourists or colleagues, this means that ex-pats are welcomed into Cambodia by the Khmer people.

While it is always important to show respect to the local culture and traditions, Khmer people also love to learn more about what they call ‘barang’ (foreigner) culture too, making for some funny and interesting conversations! Moving to Cambodia is a chance to share the unique things about your own culture while learning about a completely new one (and one which is steeped in over 1,000 years of history!). If you are considering relocating to Cambodia, make sure you bring some things from your culture, like your favourite tea, pictures and postcards, and other things to share!

Living and working in Cambodia keeps you guessing!

I guess this is a bonus number 13! There is so much more to do, life to experience and area to explore that making a limited number is never going to completely describe living and working in the Kingdom of Wonder.

The good news is, we are always on hand to discuss how you could make the move and help you find opportunities which would see you living and working in the Kingdom of Wonder! Book a chat with us today here, or check out our relocation and recruitment services for more information.

We hope to see you soon! Next Step International x

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